{Leadership Safari 2016}

Central Michigan University offers a variety of ways for incoming freshmen to get involved in their school, get to know fellow classmates, and learn their way around campus. Leadership Safari is one of the most efficient ways to experience all of these things in addition to a broad introduction to communication and leadership skills from outgoing and courageous activities with thousands of strangers, to one on one personal situations in which gains strong and long-lasting relationships with peers.

Leadership Safari 2016 was the 30th annual “safari week” at Central Michigan University who’s Leadership Institute is the number one in the nation. For us incoming freshmen, August 20th-24th was a way to move-in early, get to know our way around the university regardless of where we live, and begin to know about 2,300 of our classmates of our graduating class of 2020 from Central Michigan University.

Throughout the course of the week of Safari, the thousands of us got split up into small groups of 10 random students you probably had never met before. Each group is given an animal’s name. My group’s name was Team Jack Rabbit. The ten of us strangers became more than close by the end of the week, and as crazy as it sounds living so close to each of them, I miss them a lot.

Starting off by barely knowing each others names, through vast amounts of dancing, game playing, talking, singing, and moosing, Team Jack Rabbit became something like a family. Within the week of Leadership Safari, our team conquered physical obstacles together, life-sized trust falls, mentally challenging activities, as well as emotionally challenging activities. Throughout the week, we were also introduced to motivational speakers, comedians, slam poets, and endless amounts of food! It is difficult to explain just what Leadership Safari is in depth simply because it is truly a once in a lifetime chance that you have to experience for yourself! However, I hope that this awesome video posted on CMU’s Facebook page helps you grasp a better idea of just what Leadership Safari 2016 was like. Leadership Safari Video

Overall, the week of Leadership Safari was a life-changing and truly motivating experience and it only made me want to apply to be a Leadership Safari guide for my years to come. It was the perfect way to start the beginning of the next four most successful years of my life in order to reach my dreams. Wish me luck!

-Struggling, babbling freshmen trying to be motivated, Julia


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