{PSY 100L Reflection}

Similarly to my Debate course, my LAS cohort was required to take Psychology this semester. Going into this class I was a bit worried that the material would be a lot to take on and would be particularly difficult. Through many  Although it was nice to take yet another class with my cohort, I struggled with understanding my professor’s teaching strategies and essentially self-taught myself the material in order to be successful in this class. As a college student, it is important to recognize when you are struggling in a class and how to solve that. After taking this course, I have come up with a list of tips to self-teach lessons in order to succeed:

  1. Take the best notes you possibly can in class. Even if it is just a few bullet points from the fast-pace slideshow, try more to write down more of the examples the professor explains to look back at later.
  2. STAY ORGANIZED!! I personally keep a physical to-do list, a month-to-month planner, and utilize the to-do list app on my phone and computer to help remind myself of homework assignments and extra credit sessions. I also try to write down times to study for exams or quizzes so that I efficiently manage my time.
  3. Read the chapter. As some classes you may not be required to purchase a textbook or be assigned to read chapters, it is always a good idea to do so anyways. If I am ever lost on a concept or have an exam coming up, re-reading the chapter and taking notes on them as you go. I also really love to utilize the questions at the end of the chapter to test my knowledge and my notes on the lesson. These questions are also a great way to create a practice test for yourself to grade yourself on before taking an exam.
  4. Get Starbucks beforehand, night classes are hard!

Overall, after taking psychology this fall, I have learned the most about being an independent student. Although I did learn copious amounts of disabilities and conditions that the brain is capable of inheriting, I seemed to have learned the most about myself as a student. Taking away from the class, I find it most helpful to look back at the way I handled my struggles at first. Concluding that college classes and professors are ran much differently than high school, I was able to comfortably adjust my outlook on school, which lad me to success in the class.


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