{I’m A Leader In A Bottle}

Throughout our lives we come across some people that have certain impacts on our lives. Some of those impacts are positive, whereas others may come across negative. Growing up as a kid, Robin Williams had an overwhelming positive impact on my life in which I carry with me as a young adult today. Although Robin Williams is unfortunately not alive today, his positive impact still given each time we watch one of his movies, hear stories, and even bring up his name.

Robin Williams wasn’t just an actor, but a comedian at best. Williams brings so many smiles and so much happiness to his viewers and fans in every task he was capable of completing. Little did anyone know, Robin Williams was battling depression all of these years he made everyone else so happy. I view this topic as one of the most unfortunate and iconic of all time. A depressed comedian. It is so relieving in a way to see that someone so famous and above average can have the same personal issues as I had throughout my life as some points.


“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.” said Williams. As one of the most influential actors of all time, Robin Williams personally inspired me to always have a positive outlook on life. It is so invigorating to know that someone so sad on the inside, can be so positive and inspirational on the outside. Robin Williams encouraged me to be myself as a kid by not worrying about what others think. He influenced his fans in endless amounts of ways that spread joy, happiness, smiles, and laughter. I wish that someone who impacted so many, could have felt this joy that he spread on himself.

I think understanding the situation of Robin Williams and the way he lived and died is important to keep in mind that inclusiveness and compassion go so much farther than anyone could ever imagine or see physically. Sometimes the happiest of us all can be the ones who are hiding the most. So have courage, be kind, and always remain patient with others. Be inclusive. Be caring. Be yourself. And don’t ever let the negative opinions of others stand in the way of you shining on your own. It is so much easier to stand in the shadows of others, but it is so impressive to stand tall on your own.

Robin Williams spent his life influencing others to be this person who stands tall in spite of the darkness standing right behind them. He influenced those in the shadows to step into the light and be happy. A leader like Robin Williams is someone we need to think about when we are the ones being negative or offensive and instead we should think about what others may be going through, set aside our feelings and differences, and make them smile.


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