{Magnifying Leadership}

Ever think about the people who started a new idea to expand and become something bigger than expected? What about what sparked them to lead in ways of positivity or negativity? Does leadership start with a yes or a no? In my opinion, leadership starts with a yes.

“A leader is someone who demonstrates what’s possible.” -Mark Yarnell

Leadership starts with a yes because it takes one person to believe in something to create something great. If there is ever brainstorming or ideas being thrown around that seem unrealistic, it only takes one to believe in it and pursue it. To make the unrealistic reality. I think that leadership is a mindset. In my mind, positivity is a huge aspect of leadership. Positivity is what sparks the impossible to become possible. It only takes one. One leader. One idea. To create something absolutely phenomenal. “A leader is someone who demonstrates what’s possible,” says Mark Yarnell. I think this quote explains my perspective on leadership being a yes exquisitely well.

Attitude is everything. As you can see, the photo I chose for the featured image to this post is a quote from Remember The Titans that reads “Attitude reflects leadership, captain.” This is completely accurate to leadership styles and your outlook on situations. In my opinion, a positive attitude is what I believe is key to effective and motivating leadership, especially in means of team work, just like in Remember The Titans.

Overall I think that what us leaders of today can take away from this question is that leadership starts with a yes. A yes to opportunities, a yes to an idea, a yes to an action. Saying yes to these things can open endless doors and create a movement that one maybe never thought could deem possible.



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