{My Personal Leadership Philosophy}

Throughout the last few years, I have learned many new things about the art of leadership. I can conclude a philosophy based off of experiences, trainings, and educational courses that I have been through in my life. I believe that the difference between a good leader and a great one is the ability to know when to step up, and when to step down. It is important to efficiently direct, but not dictate. Communication, collaboration, organization, patience, and kindness are my top priorities as a leader.

Communication is important in many ways because every voice needs to be heard in order to succeed as a whole. Collaboration is vital due to potential disagreements that will occur. When thoughts and ideas clash like this in situations, a compromise is a necessary aspect of concluding differences. Organization is key in leadership because every step counts. Recorded evidence of all thoughts, ideas, or activities is one of the best ways to refer to information later on. Patience and kindness are both extremely important as a leader as there may be conflict, or frustrating situations that some may not know how to handle. It is important to stay patient when you want to be as efficient as possible, but need to recognize details to discuss. Kindness is crucial when being patient because it is easy to come off as uneasy or aggravated if someone has something to say that may not be in the schedule or had been discussed previously. I also believe that this ties in with patience and it must follow a series of events or actions that one may have portrayed to the point where it is not an accident or coincidence. If discipline becomes absolutely necessary, one must be professional and stern with that person, after friendly reminders before-hand.

Lastly, I believe that a leader should should be someone who is able to not only maintain these qualities, but also be passionate and enthusiastic about what you believe in. I understand that not every leader is someone who is always confident or extremely social, however I do believe that it takes someone who advocates passion and some sort of motivation behind their beliefs and ideas. This is something that I see a lack of in my generation. I see many students involve themselves in activities, clubs, and positions that they partake in to put in their Twitter bios. This is where our generation of leaders is in need of those who do what they do because they believe in what they’re doing. They believe in themselves. And they want everyone else to believe in them too.


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