I am a dreamer. I set little goals for myself every day, and those goals are the small steps I am taking to reach bigger goals. And once I reach those goals, I will be following my dreams. This year, I have many goals and reasons to have hope. Someday, I hope to follow my dreams and be as successful and happy as can be. Here are some goals of mine, big and small in no particular order:

  1. Become a Journalist: I hope to someday be writing for a magazine in a big city every day. I would like to create my portfolio now by proceeding with my blog, and taking more journalism classes for my major. I hope to get more comfortable with short time spans to write articles and improve my abilities to report events and interviews. My absolute dream would be to work for Time Incorporated at one of their locations throughout the country.
  2. Become a reporter for CM Life: I have recently applied to be a reporter for CM Life- Central Michigan University’s student run newspaper. I hope to practice this reporting and interviewing and time crunches through this experience. I am so excited to represent my school and promote all of the wonderful events that occur at the university and in our community!!
  3. Write a book: After going through some situations I don’t think anyone my age has every had to go through, I have decided that I will some day share my story through an autobiography. I hope to inspire those who are going through difficult, life changing situations that they don’t know how to cope with or how to relate with to anyone. I hope to be that relatable story that gives that person hope.
  4. Get an internship at Time Incorporated: For the Journalism program here at CMU, we are required to have a summer internship for public relations following our junior year. This is when I plan to dip my toes in to the great big world of writing and do anything I possibly can to intern for the company I would like to work for someday.
  5. Study Abroad: I plan to study abroad for journalism and communications the summer following my sophomore year. In doing so, I hope to gain a new perspective on the culture of international language and the art of writing around the world. There is a journalism and communications course offered through CMU’s study abroad programs in Barcelona, Spain that I am highly interested in taking. Hopefully, I will have more to say about this goal fairly soon.
  6. Make the Dean’s List: As one of my smaller goals, I would like more than anything to work to my fullest potential academically and make the Dean’s List at least once, if not every semester starting in the Fall. I have always struggled with being above average academically in grade school and I think that nothing would be more rewarding than showing that much improvement in my drive towards school since college.
  7. Become a house mom for MDA Summer Camp: As I have mentioned in some of my articles, I have been volunteering for the Muscular Dystrophy Association Summer Camp for a few years now as a camp attendant. This means that I am assigned a camper every year that I take care of and play with for the week. Within the camp, there are cabins separated by age and gender. Each cabin has a “house mom,” or “house dad.” These house parents are who is legally in charge of the seven campers and attendants in their cabin. I hope to someday, after years of being an attendant, I will become a house mom and continue volunteering with the Muscular Dystrophy Association as I grow older.