I am a dreamer. I set little goals for myself every day, and those goals are the small steps I am taking to reach bigger goals. And once I reach those goals, I will be following my dreams. This year, I have many goals and reasons to have hope. Someday, I hope to follow my dreams and be as successful and happy as can be. Here are some goals of mine, big and small in no particular order:

  1. Get an internship summer 2019: I hope to be able to get an internship the summer between my junior and senior year that will really open up my eyes as to what I like or don’t like in the PR world. Currently, I would love to intern for a company in Detroit that hopefully allows me an opportunity to have a job after graduating college.
  2. Become comfortable in my own skin: Freshmen 15? More like freshmen 20. College truly does expose you to so much more freedom than you think and during my freshmen year, I got distracted by that and became really unhappy with my body and the way that I look. I hope to love myself a little more by taking care of my body. Working out and eating healthy has always been a struggle for me and it is finally catching up to me. I would like to work on myself physically so that I can feel a bit more comfortable and a lot more happy with myself.
  3. Study Abroad: I plan to study abroad and travel while I can! In doing so, I hope to gain a new perspective on the culture of international language and the art of studying around the world. There is a public relations program in Flourence, Italy, where I am saving up to go to the summer semester of 2018.
  4. Make the Dean’s List: As one of my smaller goals, I would like more than anything to work to my fullest potential academically and make the Dean’s List each semester of college from here on out. I have always struggled with being above average academically in grade school and I nothing was more rewarding than showing that much improvement in my drive towards school since college when I made it for the first time spring 2017. Hopefully, I will be able to keep up the hard work.
  5. Become a house mom for MDA Summer Camp: As I have mentioned in some of my posts, I have been volunteering for the Muscular Dystrophy Association Summer Camp for a few years now as a camp attendant. This means that I am assigned a camper every year that I take care of and play with for the week. Within the camp, there are cabins separated by age and gender. Each cabin has a “house mom,” or “house dad.” These house parents are who is legally in charge of the seven campers and attendants in their cabin. I hope to someday, after years of being an attendant, I will become a house mom and continue volunteering with the Muscular Dystrophy Association as I grow older.