Hello! If you clicked this page you probably wanted to read what I am passionate about so let me tell you a bit about that. Personally, passion is something that I have always required myself to have in order to put words into actions. Through the process of trial and error, I have sworn to never allow myself to be a part of something if my head and heart are both not in it. Some of the things that I am really passionate about in my life are ones that I hold very sensitively close to my heart personally. Here is a list of those passions in absolutely no particular order:

1. Helping others

Throughout my life I have come across many situations that have led me to recognize my love for helping others. As broad as this passion is, I particularly love listening to others talk about their own passions and beliefs in order to understand them as a person. Taking these topics that I know about others helps me help them. For example, I had a very long and tough decision choosing my major in college as there are simply so many different things that I do love and could see myself being happy doing each day. Having an experience like this that eventually helped me discover my purpose, I cannot explain to you the feeling I get when I help others feel the same way. Relieving those who are stressed about their busy schedule by walking them through it step by step, making someone smile while tears are streaming down their face, or even just having personal conversations with someone to get the negativity off their chest, will always be something that I will remain so passionate about because it makes me so happy.


I am a lover, not a fighter. After experiencing losing so many loved ones within my life, I have learned to love in ways I would have never deemed possible. I believe that tragedies are beautiful. It has taken copious amounts of time to come to this realization, but I am so glad that I did because it has opened up a brand new passion I never would have recognized without. Especially since moving away from home where my family, boyfriend, childhood friends and community remain, I have learned to show signs of affection in ways I never have before. To void the gap in time spent with my grandparents, I began writing them letters telling them about my experiences each month I go without being able to see them. I try to keep in touch with my parents by calling them at least once a week, if not more. FaceTime has become a nightly routine to communicate with my boyfriend and tell each other about our days. Whenever I am home I try my best to get together with old friends and catch up with each other’s busy lives. Overall, I have learned that my heart is huge, and I have such a more passion for loving than ever before. Making hundreds of new friends since beginning my college journey, I have learned to cherish them like I never have with my friends before. Friendships are not always meant to last, people change, and life moves fast. So live and laugh and love while you can. Tomorrow it could all be gone.

3. Writing

My whole life I have confided in writing when I have no where or no one else to confide in. Writing journals, notes, lists and plans has always been something that I went to when I needed to discuss my emotions somehow or even just organize my life from time to time. Even if I am to type something on my computer or text it on my phone, there is no other feeling than writing down thoughts and ideas with paper and pen. I have come to the conclusion that my passions derive from my writings and my journals and my letters and that is why I have chosen my career towards magazine or book companies. This is why I also have the drive to hopefully write my own book. Someday I hope to write the words that someone needs. The words that made them feel like they weren’t alone. The words that told them everything is going to get better without using those words. The words that speaks to them in a sense that they feel relieved and free after reading it. I hope to change lives through writing someday.

4. Dancing

Involving myself in dance throughout my whole life has shaped me in more ways than not as a person. As some may think that dance is superficial, it is the one sport that has allowed me to lose myself and find myself all at the same time. Dance has guided me through so many dark tunnels in my life. Being able to completely express my feelings through dance has always been what I have gone to when I need to. From jumping for joy because I am so happy, to throwing my body to the ground and crying because I need relief, dance has always been there for me. Moving my body to tell my story is something I find so comfortably beautiful to have the ability to do. Knowing that my body will not always be able to express myself in ways that it can now, only motivates me to do so even more.