{SOMI Leadership Launch 18}

Ever since high school I have been able to be a part of Special Olympics Michigan in some which way shape or form. This fall I had the opportunity to become a facilitator for the Special Olympics Leadership Launch 2018.  My freshmen year of college I was able to do this as well, and seeing... Continue Reading →


{Julia Abroad: A Memoir}

Finding out I was studying abroad Ever since my post-high school graduation trip to Paris and London, I knew I wanted to study abroad in college. My freshmen year, I researched various programs for the number majors I had in mind (lol) and I was so anxious to get the ball rolling on a plan.... Continue Reading →


Being a mentor to Lauryn this year has surpassed my expectations, yet was nothing I expected. I never really saw myself being able to guide another person through every aspect of college when I had barely figured it out myself. With Lauryn being the bright and bubbly souls she is, she made the title of... Continue Reading →

{Communication in Leadership}

I am starting a bit of a trend here with these class reflections, so I apologize for that. However, I am so excited to share with you all my experiences that I have been able to grow and learn from throughout my time as a student in my Communication and Leadership class with my cohort... Continue Reading →

{S P A R K}

Last fall I was involved in a program called Spark Leadership. As a participant going through the process, I had a lot of fun being able to explore who I was as a leader and what my goals were as a college student. By spring of my freshmen year, I recognized the impact that these... Continue Reading →

{Fall Recruitment 2017}

Going into college, I always knew that I wanted to go through formal recruitment and join a sorority. Freshmen, year, I was restricted from doing so because I was a member of Central Michigan University's dance team. Although I have absolutely no regrets being a member of the dance team, I was so excited to... Continue Reading →

{A New Chapter}

Hi friends! First things first, I want to apologize for the lack of updates lately, as I have been extremely busy! However, (lucky you) I am here today to catch you all up! This summer has been a roller coaster. Transitioning out of freshmen year, volunteering on my Alternative Break, then coming home to live... Continue Reading →


Michigan Association of Student Councils and Honor Societies has impacted my life completely since 2014. Starting off as just a sophomore in high school, I have been fortunate enough to be involved in this powerful organization through Leadership Training Institutes, Regional conferences, and even state-wide conferences. Beginning summer 2014, I had registered to become a... Continue Reading →


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